Download a Free Twilight Audiobook

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Download a FREE Twilight Saga Audiobook!

Did you get some great electronics for Christmas and want to try them out now? Find out how you can download a free Twilight Saga audiobook from Audible works with iPhone, Android, and Kindle, plus over 500 mp3 players. Whether you listen to books on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can use Audible.

Even if you already have the Twilight books in print, the audiobooks make a great addition to your collection. Listen to them while you drive or work out. The reviews of the audiobooks are terrific.

Right now you can try Audible at no cost for 14 days and get a free audiobook. They have all of the books in the Twilight Saga. The company is owned by Amazon, so you know it is reputable. No need to worry about downloading anything that will harm your computer (which is the case with most “free downloads”). Visit Audible and search for “Twilight” and you will see all 4 of the regular books plus the Bree Tanner novella!