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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Extended Cut

Summit Entertainment announced yesterday that a new Blu-ray Disc of Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn will be released in March that will include 8 minutes of completely new footage. If you recall, there were a lot of parts of the book that were edited out of the movie for the sake of time. Some of those will be extended in the new version. Here are more details from the official press release:

Santa Monica, CA (January 7, 2013) – Here is the chance to discover even more of the blockbuster film when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Extended Edition, featuring eight minutes of never-before-seen footage, debuts only on Blu-ray Disc (plus Digital Copy and UV), DVD (plus Digital Copy and UV) and Digital Download on Saturday March 2nd from Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE company. Now with eight minutes of new and extended scenes added back into the film by Director Bill Condon, along with his optional audio commentary, fans can delve deeper into the epic series they adore. Experience the timeless romance and drama in a whole new way when The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Extended Edition, featuring the original theatrical version and the all-new extended edition with optional audio commentary from the director, arrives on Blu-ray Disc and DVD for the suggested retail price of $29.99 and $22.98, respectively.

“As Twilight series devotees know, there was a lot of ground to cover in adapting Breaking Dawn to the screen,” said Condon. “Between the wedding, the honeymoon, the birth, and everything in between, naturally there were things that didn’t make it into our final cut. But I wanted to make sure that for all the Twihards out there, there was a chance to see some of these cut scenes – several of which are fan favorites from the book.”

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Edition goes on sale March 2, 2013.

Breaking Dawn 2 Teaser Trailer

By now most of you have probably seen the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer that started airing at the Hunger Games release. The reaction in the crowd when I saw it was interesting. Everyone seemed to have been holding their breath through the entire 49 seconds and then freaked out when it was over. Overwhelmingly the result was “it was too short!!”

We’ve included the teaser trailer below. What do you think? Is it enough to get you excited about the final Twilight movie in November? Should they have showed more characters? Or was it just right considering we still have over half a year for the movie to be built up?

Order Breaking Dawn Part I Now

Amazon has announced that you can now order The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I on both DVD and Amazon. The official release date will be February 11 (just in time for Valentine’s Day!).

The DVD is a two-disc set with extras such as a 6-part documentary, Edward & Bella’s wedding video, a glimpse into “Jacob’s destiny, ” and audio commentary from the director, Bill Condon.

Place your Breaking Dawn pre-order now and if the price goes down before then, Amazon will give you the lower price.

Breaking Dawn Party Supplies

Twilight Breaking Dawn Party Supplies
Twilight Breaking Dawn Party Supplies

Twilight Breaking Dawn party supplies are now available from Celebrate Express! The Deluxe Party pack for 8 includes invitations, dinner plates, take home cups, forks, spoons, napkins, tablecover, centerpiece, foil balloon, regular balloons, curling ribbon, crepe paper rolls, and cake candles.

If that is too much for you, you can also buy the pieces individually. The invitations, dinner plates, cups, napkins, tablecover, and centerpiece are all officially licensed Twilight products with the images of Edward, Jacob, and Bella on them. You can also get lenticular cups specific to Jacob or Edward (those are the cups that kind of shine as you turn them to the side). The best deal, however, is to buy the whole package together.

In addition to those products, they also have some fun add-ons like Breaking Dawn buttons, bookmarks, sticker sheets, and dessert plates. You could use them for a Twilight birthday party, a Breaking Dawn movie party, or even just as gifts for a Twilight fan.

See the entire Breaking Dawn party collection at Celebrate Express. Use code birthday11 to save 10% on orders of $65 or more.

Get the Twilight Marriage Certificate

Twilight Marriage Certificate
Twilight Marriage Certificate

The big day is coming! Bella and Edward will be married in theatres starting November 18. You can get your own piece of the wedding with a copy of the Cullen Swan Marriage Certificate. The reproduction of the certificate (and signed by Minister Weber) is available through Cafepress for only $12.99. It measures 11” x 17” and is printed on glossy paper.

The “license” has places for you and your friends to sign as witness. You might as well. You’ll be watching the Breaking Dawn wedding, right?

Cullen Swan Marriage Certificate

Reaction to the Breaking Dawn Trailer?

By now everyone has seen the Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer. What was your favorite part? What were you most surprised about? Here were some things that stood out to us:

  • Bella’s wedding dress and ring
  • Bella and Edward at the altar
  • Bella saying good-bye to Jacob
  • Feathers on the pillow
  • Bella looking pregnant
  • The wolf pack
  • Return of the Volturi
  • Where will it end??

Watch the trailer again below and tell us what you think.

Order Breaking Dawn Shirts

With excitement building about the release of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, we are seeing a lot of new Breaking Dawn shirts being created on CafePress. What I love about CafePress for Twilight shirts in particular is that you can make them say just about anything and in almost any size and color. These aren’t the typical “fan” shirts with pictures of the movie characters on front of them. Instead, they are tailored more to your personality.

If you have read the book (and you know you have at least once!), you know what kind of things would make perfect Breaking Dawn shirts. For example, references to being “Imprinted” and “Isle Esme.” Now is also a good time to get shirts with the date 11-18-11 on them (the opening of the movie in the United States).

Below are a few of our favorites:

(“Why Am I Covered In Feathers” Love it!!)

(A Twilight maternity shirt!)

Click here to see all of the Breaking Dawn shirts at Cafepress. Their selection changes regularly.

Twilight Books for Less Than a Dollar

As I’m sure you have noticed, the Twilight Saga books are not cheap. However, if you are an avid reader you can get them for less than a dollar each if you join the Doubleday Book Club.

What’s really awesome is that they not only have Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn but they also have the Twilight: Complete Illustrated Movie Companion and New Moon: Complete Illustrated Movie Companion. So you could get either of those for less than a dollar as well. They also have the unofficial Twilight Companion.

Right now they are running a special where you can get 4 books for 99 cents plus a free book. You just have to sign up to buy 4 more books at their prices (which are not bad). They have related books like Harry Potter, The Host, and the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Click here to check out the special deal and see how you can get a Twilight book free!

Pre-Order Special Edition Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn: Special Edition

Borders has announced that it is taking orders for a new special edition of Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight Series. The book will officially come out on August 4. What will the special edition include? This is from the Borders site (emphasis mine):

“This Special Edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller includes: An exclusive Breaking Dawn Concert Series DVD featuring a performance by Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld and a conversation with Stephenie Meyer and Justin Furstenfeld. A reproduction of the personal, handwritten lyrics for My Never from Justin Furstenfeld. A limited-edition, full-color Bella & Edward poster (on reverse side of book jacket). And more!”

Looks like a pretty good deal for only $24.99. Plus, if you order the pre-order now, you can get it for $17.49. Remember that Borders will ship from from the site to your closest store for free or you get free shipping with any order over $25. Click here to see the Breaking Dawn Special Edition full details on the Borders site.

Twilight Books and Music Cheap at Half.com

Some of you have posted in the comments that you would love to get your hands on the Twilight books and music but cannot afford to pay full price. Getting on the lists at libraries doesn’t help because the lists are so long. I’ve been getting the Harry Potter books at my local Half Price Bookstore, but the Twilight books are always sold out. So I found a good alternative–Half.com! It’s an ebay-owned company, so it is totally legitimate.

Twilight the book sells starting at $3.70 used. For that price, you could get the entire Twilight Saga for about $15! They also carry the Twilight audiobooks as well as the Twilight movie soundtrack. You can even get Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion for a bargain.

So if you are looking for any of the Twilight books, audiobooks, or movies cheap and don’t mind getting them used, click here to see the selection at Half.com.