Twilight Trading Cards

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 Looking for Twilight items that not everyone else has? I came across Twilight Premium Trading Cards tonight, sold at Things From Another World. Here’s a description:

“Inkworks announces the release of Twilight Premium Trading Cards, based on the highly-anticipated feature film and #1 best-selling book. This action-packed, modern-day love story tells the tale of Bella (Kristin Stewart), an average teenage girl, who moves to a small town where she falls in love with an extraordinary boy (Robert Pattinson) that puts her life on the line by igniting an epic battle between two vampire clans. In addition to in-depth character and movie story cards, look for the bonus cards including Autograph cards, Pieceworks Movie Memorabilia cards, the ‘Always’ 9-card puzzle set, the ‘Different’ 6-card insert set, and ‘In Pursuit’ 3-card insert set. Fans will want the exclusive collector album to archive their set, plus, a very limited ‘Always’ 9-card uncut mini-press sheet, sequentially numbered to 99!”

The Twilight Premium Trading Card Box, Collectors Album, and Mini Press Sheet can all be pre-ordered now. If you do, you will get 20% off.

Update: If you cannot get these at TFAW, try the Twilight movie 2008 Comic Con Inkworks promo card set (4) from Amazon.