Twilight Costumes: Vampire Contacts

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Looking for the perfect addition to your Twilight costume? Change your eye color with vampire contacts. Whether you are looking for the “thirsty” red vampire eyes or the golden Cullen family eyes, you can find colored contacts in a couple of different places.

Twilight Gold Vampire Contacts
Twilight Gold Vampire Contacts
Twilight Red Vampire Contacts
Twilight Red Vampire Contacts

Here are three online merchants where you can get red, gold, and even wolf yellow contacts:

ACLens: Use coupon code SPOOKY15 to save 15% on Halloween Lenses; Called “Vampire Red” and “Edward Cullen Gold”; Free Shipping on Orders over $99. Some exceptions apply. See site for details.

Vision Direct: $29.99; Called “Blood Red”; 25% off first order with code VERYSCARY.

This is a great video that shows what the red contacts look like when you put them in:

Some descriptions from Coastal on their gold and red contacts:

“These Twilight contact lenses will give you the seductive, golden amber eyes that you need to complete your vampire costume. Whether you want to be desirable like Edward Cullen, beautiful like Rosalie, graceful like Alice, or strong like Emmett, our Twilight contacts will give you that perfect finishing touch.”

“Vampire Red special effects contact lenses are a deep blood-red color, making them the perfect finishing touch to your Dracula costume. Great for Halloween!”


  1. Blonde Alice Cullen says

    I am getting my blonde hair cut just like miss Alice Cullen-I really really want to find a good pair of contacts that are a good “Cullen” shade. I am saving up my cash I want to wear them 24/7 except for when I am swimming and sleeping. What is the best online store I can purchase these at? Does Costco supply these “Cullen” colors? Thanks!

  2. Team Switzerland says

    I really want topaz eyes like my eyes are brown like dark brown so i wonder if i bought topaz eyes if it would make it look like there yellowy gold cause thats what i want like im a total TWERD! GO TEAM SWIZTERLAND ( when you like jacob and edward both )

  3. Team Emmit! says

    I sooo want some new contacts, I want the cullen eyes but Im not sure which ones to pick my eyes are greenish brown with gold in them, so Amber Honey or Topaz?

  4. Love Twilight sooo much! says

    My birthday is coming up and I was thinking everyone dress as their fave twilight character. And from there we would go bowling but it would be like vampire bowling instead of baseball. And I don’t know who to be…bella as a vamp because I love edward or Alice because she is soo much like me. And I would hopefully wear contacts because it would look awesome! Can anyone help?

  5. Love Twilight sooo much! says

    I also have wanted to get my hair cut alice style, but i’m afraid it wont suit me. but i love the hair. and plus i have long hair that would be geting choped of right infront of my eyes! maybe it is time to make a change. change is good, right?

  6. Twilight Fan says

    hi, i am all new to this, and if you want to buy twilight contacts i’m pretty sure the if you go into google and type in “contact lenses” and search for a while typing in other things aswell then you’ll eventually find them because i did, and i also asked my mum if i could get some but she keeps onsaying no so thats really annoying! so i’ll prob just wait till i’m older and see what she says. and I think the contacts are Vampaliscious!!!

  7. Twilight Fan says

    i also really love twilight and have read twilight 4 times,new moon 3 times, eclipse 4 times and breaking dawn 5 times. and i finished the whole series in 6 days! also i’mm betting on Alice…

  8. Teamlikemesomejacob says


  9. Teamlikemesomejacob says

    I just have one more thing to say………………………………………………HHHHHAAAA!!!!!!!

  10. The Twilighter says

    Hi! 😀
    I really want those red contactlinses and the golden ones too, but I wear contactlinses everyday instead of glasses, so where can I get cheap red or golden contactlinses as I can see in? Ya know, if I by one of those here, I can’t see ’cause these contactlinses is for people who don’t wear glasses, but I wear glasses/contactlinses and I really wan’t some cheap ones with the colour red or golden, so do anyone know where I can by some of those? Please, I don’t know what to do 🙁

  11. savannah says

    I really want a pair of red contacts like Edward Cullen has though I dont wear glasses ,anyway I really need some red contacts for a prank I’m gonna pull on my cousins thier young and terrified of vampires over the years they have messed with me so I’m gonna get em’ back HA HA HA! but they have to be around ten dollars.thanks…

  12. says

    I don’t think you are going to find a pair of ten dollar contacts. And if you do it will probably be only one contact!!!I thought edward had just gold and black eyes and the voltouri had red???I’m getting a pair of golden ones for my alice costume.I got a wig to!!!i might get her neclace depending if i am going to see it or not…..

  13. Ryan :D says

    Hey Guys 😀 I’m Thinking Of Dressing Up As One Of The Volturi For Halloween ^^ Im A Dude But If I Decide To Dress Up As Jane I Get The Excuse To Dye My Hair Blonde And Wear A Cape! Hehe. But I Also Wear Glasses And I Want To Switch To Getting Red Contacts Like The Volturi For Full Time Use =] I Strongly Believe That Me Wearing Glasses Has Had A Negative Effect On My Life And That If I Didn’t HAve Them And Never Had Them I’d Actually Be Like 10 Times More Popular. Oh Well xD

  14. says

    I’m going as Jane or Victoria for Halloween, but the contacts I need have to be suitable for partially sighted children. I have one lazy eye that turns in, and I’m nine. Are these suitable for me?
    By the way, can you please visit my blog? Click on my name please.

  15. TWILIGHT LOVER!!!:) says

    yea i am going to be ALICE CULLEN and i am gettin a pair of contacts the cullen ones of course