Buying and Making Twilight Ringtones

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I’ve been enjoying the Twilight Soundtrack more and more recently and have decided to add a couple of Twilight ringtones to my phone. I did some research and found two completely different options.

First, you can download Twilight ringtones from Thumbplay. From what I have heard, they are one of the most legitimate ringtone sites. It will cost you about $10 a month and you get to keep any ringtones that you download. They have over 77,000 downloads available. Here’s a direct link to the Muse ringtone for Supermassive Black Hole, but once you get into the site, you can look around for other songs as well such as Decode. This is definitely the easier way to get the Twilight ringtones because you don’t need to have any technical knowledge.

Second, you can create your own Twilight ringtones. If you already have the Twilight soundtrack and would like to make an unlimited number of ringtones, you should check out the software from Avanquest. Ringtone Media Studio 3 is only $15 and you can download it immediately. Here’s a description from their site: “Ringtone Media Studio is the best way to create your personalized ringtones from your mp3s and CDs, mobile movies from your video collection, and picture slideshows or mobile wallpapers from your photo collection. No subscriptions, no contracts, no pay-per-download. Create as many ringtones, wallpapers and movies as you want.” This way to get Twilight ringtones is a little bit more work but is worth it if you want to really customize your phone.

I know that there are ways to get Twilight ringtones for “free”, but honestly most of them are scams or illegal. Just pay the $10-$15 and get the ringtones that you want.