Experience Twilight: The Ultimate Twilight Fan Travel Guide

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Wanting to take a “Twilight vacation” but not sure how to do it? This fun new book, Experience Twilight: The Ultimate Twilight Fan Travel Guide, is available on Amazon. Here’s a description:

“Twilight fans can walk in the footsteps of Edward and Bella. Filled with all the information you need to plan a fabulous Twilight themed day or full blown vacation. While traveling you’ll find the maps and directions helpful. Once you get to each location you can reference the Guide for information about where scenes were filmed, where stars and crew spent their off time and other insider tips. Includes: Twilight film and book locations; pictures, maps and directions; hours of operation, if reservations are needed and entrance fees; scenes filmed or book inspirations; insider’s notes from locals who have been there. Also includes special souvenir stamp destinations where you can stop in to get your guide book stamped.”

The book looks like a fun, low cost way to have a “Twilight experience” yourself. We don’t have the book yet, so if you do, leave a comment and let us know what you think about it. At only $14.95, it’s worth taking a look. You can pick up Experience Twilight at Amazon.