Do Twilight Fans Poken?

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If you are heavily into social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you need a Poken! Pokens are the hottest new way to trade social media information with your friends. You load up your information onto your personal Poken and then when you meet up with someone, you simply let your Pokens give each other a “high four” and it electronically swaps your info. It’s that easy!

We recently saw these demonstrated and think that they are going to be one of the hottest items on the market this fall. They are huge already in other countries Although there are not Twilight Pokens (and probably will not be because they are not licensed items like that), there IS a Vampire Poken. Sure, it doesn’t look like a Stephenie Meyer vampire. But if you are going to have a Poken, it sure is a cool one. Here’s a picture:

This Poken is available from Poken Zoo either directly through their site or from Amazon.