Twilight Gift Cards from Borders

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I think I have found the most perfect Twilight gift ever – Twilight Gift Cards from Borders. Why are they perfect?

First, they have the familiar Twilight look.

In addition to the Borders logo, you get the Twilight book image as well as the logos of each of the other books.

Second, you can use them for whatever you want. Twilight fans can buy other Twilight books like the movie companions or the Twilight Journals. Already have those? Use it to pick up other books, CDs, and DVDs of your choosing.

Third, they are practical. Anyone can shop at Borders. If you don’t have one locally, you can use the gift card to shop online. You can get them in any domination so that they can be a small stocking stuffer or the main gift for someone. Young Twilight fans as well as us…umm… more mature Twilight fans can enjoy them.

Twilight Gift Cards from Borders are the perfect gift for every Twilight fan! Just visit the Borders gift card section and click “Pick a Fun Design.” There you will find many cards listed, among them the Twilight Gift Card.