Win Bella’s Bracelet from Eclipse

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How do you enter? Simply leave a comment to this post telling us your favorite part of Eclipse (in the book, movie, or both).

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  1. says

    My fav part of eclipse was when edward proposes to bella!I also liked when the cullens were atacking victorias army.Oh and i LOVE edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Devynne says

    My favorite part is when Bella puts on the wedding ring for Edward in his room, and he tries to hide his excitement but can’t. So cute!

  3. says

    My fav part of eclipse was when edward proposes to bella!I liked when the cullens were atacking victorias army too.Oh and i LOVE edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Leah says

    My favorite scene,or part is when jasper is teaching the Cullen’s and the wolves how to fight against the newborns. I love the way his voice has that deep Texan tone, his so gorgeous. In the book my favorite part is when Jacob and Edward fight because ,Jacob kissed Bella, and her dad comes outside.

  5. Diya ajith says

    My fav part of the book was the tent scene and in it was the tent scene and the graduation scene I loved jessicas speech and when Bella was talking to Edward in the meadow. 🙂 p.s eclipse is my fav book!

  6. Melissa says

    My favorite two parts of the book (ok, I just couldn’t pick one) are when Edward proposes to Bella and she finally says yes….and of course the tent scene…it’s amazing to see how intense both Edward and Jacob’s love for Bella is.

  7. Barbara says

    Loved the tent scene in both the book and the movie. Also the bedroom scene with the compromise and the proposal.

  8. Bella says

    My two favourite parts are when Bella breaks her hand punching Jacob after he kisses her (in the movie) and my other favourite part is when Edward, Jacob, Charlie and Bella are back at Charlies house after Bella punches Jacob and Charlie says to Jacob “Jacob, do you want to press charges?” I think that is really funny. PS I am Team Switzerland!

  9. Christina says

    My favorite part of Eclipse: well in the movie it would be when Bella and Charlie have the “talk” and afterwards Charlie admits to liking Edward a little bit more.

    I am a fanon FB

  10. brittney says

    my favorite part from the eclipse movie was everything.there wasnt one part that i didnt like.. i seen this movie 5 times now n it hasnt gotten old..when i seen this braclet i was shocked to know thats some one could win it..nd now im hopping thta i could win it bc i dnt get alot.another part that waas my fav was when they kissed nd jacob brought her home nd had to tell bellas dad what happen..<3

  11. Robbi says

    My favorite part of eclipse is the tent scene. It had some humor in and you get to see both sides caring for Bella.

  12. Dawn M. says

    In the book, my favorite part was the tent scene. In the movie, my favorite part was the battle scene.

    Thanks! :0)

  13. vivian says

    my favorite part of eclipse (movie) was when bella and charlie were haveing the talk and how funny and uncomfortable it was.

  14. Silja says

    My favorite part in Eclipse the book, is there Bella hits/beats Jacob and after where she tells Carlisle about it. It’s funny because Jacob didn’t get hurt bur Bella did insted…
    I really hope i will win the bracelet, i really want it(:

  15. Sophie Abuadas says

    My favorite part in the movie was when Edward was forced to let Jacob warm up Bella in the tent. There was humor but also a serious talk between Edward and Jake and it shows how much they both care for her no matter what.

  16. Ana says

    And even though Jacob knows that Bella will always be with Edward he still loves her and cares for her too and it tells us that no matter what he will always love and care for her and protect her.

  17. Tina says

    My favorite part is at the end when Bella knows her own mind and knows why she wants to be part of something bigger than herself and even bigger than just she and Edward alone<3

  18. kate perry says

    My 2 favourite parts are wen Edward takes bella to meet jake and hes parked ready with no shirt on (OMG) and edward says doesnt he know how to wear shirt, then kisses her for extra long infront of jacob …… AND in the tent where jacob has to warm bella up, where edward can hear jacobs thoughts 🙂 TEAM EDWARD <3 xx

  19. Kristin says

    (Sorry for the long response. I just couldn’t decide between my two favorite parts. =] )
    My favorite part that is in the book and movie is the telling of the third wife’s tale. It signifies the impact the Quileute tribe had on Bella. The flashback of the third wife sacrificing her life leads Bella to sacrifice hers to save Edwards. Without Bella hearing the tale, they both would have been karate chopped into blocks of ice and burned. I also love how they incorporate the Quileute’s point of view to signify the nature between the wolves and the cold ones. By doing that there is a better understanding of why the wolves and vampires dislike one another so much. It provides a better understanding throughout Eclipse on how Bella is the source for creating a pact between the wolves and vampires to collaborate. The tale also makes Bella stronger and gives her the confidence needed to destroy Victoria once and for all. If she didn’t have Jacob to take her to the meeting she would not have Edward.
    My other favorite part is when Bella makes her compromise with Edward in exchange for matrimony. Although I enjoyed it seen come to life in the movie ♥, I really enjoyed reading it in the novel because it was very descriptive. I loved how Bella illustrates her fear of not wanting Edward the way she wants him now once she turns. Most importantly, I love how Edward is a true gentleman asking her to wait because it is the one virtue he has left if he does have a soul at all like Bella believes. It really showed the different background Edward comes from compared to Bella. It is so heart wrenching to know Edward believes marriage should come before sex. ♥♥♥♥

  20. kaitlyn says

    I actually have a lot of favorite parts when it comes to Eclipse, so here is my most memorable:
    The Quileute wolves meet up with the Cullens to train for the final battle against Victoria and her newborn army. The Cullens and the Quil. wolves agree to put centuries of hatred and give up being natural enemies to work togehter. This is the most memorable of my favorites because their cooperation is essential to their survival and the survival of the ones they are trying to protect, also their “pact” is what truly enables them to beat Victoria. This scene is so very important to the plot line and means a lot more than what I can decribe right now. Plus, the training scene is just cool, awsome, and bad*** in general!
    – Go Lieutenant Jasper. 😉

  21. Ashley Teague says

    Let me first start off my saying that the whole movie was AMAZING! I had very high expectations for this one because it was my favorite of the books in the series and I have re-read it so many times and practically know the lines by heart! One scene that I really loved, just like everyone else has pretty much mentioned, is the proposal scene in the bedroom! I love it all, not just the proposal part but how Bella is trying to talk Edward into giving in to her! It is also one of my favorite scenes in the book!! They kept some of the original lines from the book in this scene which I was really glad about! “Bella, stop trying to take your clothes off” “You want to do that part” hhahah!! I loved it! I loved picking up on all of the little quotes from the book that were in the movie! Anyways, that scene was so romantic! I love how he went about proposing better in the movie than the book actually! It was more detailed and he told her how he would have done it had he met her when he was a human! He would have courter her, taken chaperoned walks, sat on the front porch drinking sweet tea, stolen a kiss or two, asked her father for her hand, presented her with a ring and the he would have asked her if she would honor him by becoming his wife!!! It was so sweet! I also liked Bella’s response better to the proposal; she actually seemed happy and excited no? In the book she wasn’t all that thrilled to be getting married but in the movie she jumped up and hugs him and he swung her around the room!!! I love how Edward couldn’t hide how overjoyed he was that she said yes!! I love that smile!! I think I melted into my chair at that moment haha!!!

    But I also loved the tent scene, even though I don’t particularly like the do.., hmmm Jacob! I just like to see a jealous Edward, he’s so sexy! Haha! This scene was very comical and had me laughing the whole time! I love the “I’m hotter than you” line, even though that is a completely false statement!!! Edward is CLEARLY hotter than Jacob and more romantic! The scene was just funny and nice to see them kind of getting a long for her sake, working together! I loved the scene in the book as well so it’s always nice to see something brought to life that you like! It’s so hard to just decide on one though because the whole movie was great and anyone who says otherwise is insane!! I felt like the scenes meshed well together and flowed nicely but those two stand out to me!! I need to seriously stop talking about it because I feel like I need to go see it once again to get my fix! Good luck to everyone! Thank you for the opportunity!!! The bracelet is absolutely beautiful!!

    Ashley T.(@iamTEAMEDWARD)

  22. monica says

    my fav part of the book i think is one the bedroom then it would be the end when she needs the ring.. oh and also when the guys are in the tent and they have this one on one tell all moment!!! the movie it would be the bedroom scene for sure!!!

  23. says

    want to win bellas bracelet from the movie eclipse??? all you have to do is sign up for the Buy Twilight Stuff newsletter on the website then leave a comment.. its that simple!!

  24. says

    win bellas bracelet from the movie eclipse just sign up for the Buy Twilight Stuff newsletter on then leave a comment.


    My favOrite parts in the mOvie are the tent scene and the fight scene..

  26. Maddie says

    My favorite part of the book Eclipse is the scene where Bella asks Edward for the oval engagement ring. Her lack of enthusiasm is hilarious! The part word for word is: “Rain’s not a problem,” I grumbled. “It just means that it is time to go do something that will be very unpleasant and possibly even highly dangerous.” His eyes widened in alarm. “It’s a good thing you’re bullet proof.” I sighed. “Im going to need that ring. It’s time to tell Charlie.” I laugh through the entire scene! My favorite part of the movie was the scene when Charlie feels the need to give Bella the infamous “sex talk” Both their faces are priceless as you see how uncomfortable they both are with that discussion. So thats my bit, if anyone was wondering (which nobody is but im going to tell you anyway!) with teams i tend to lean a little bit toward the team described in the Christmas Saturday Night Live that Taylor Lautner hosted, “Team Bella is a whiny do nothing that doesnt deserve either one of them!” (especially in the movies) In The books, TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!

  27. Chloe says

    my favorite part was when jacob kissed bella and she broke her hand..punching his face.

  28. says

    omg i ABSOLUTLY LOVE TWILIGHT actually im watchin eclipse right now!!!! omg i love EVERY movie EVERY scene EVERY book EVERY character !! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH STEPHANIE MEYER!!!! I LOVE YOU BELLA,EDWARD,AND JACOB!! i LOVE twilight !!!! <3