New Custom Twilight Breaking Dawn Shirts

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With less than two months until the release of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, we are seeing even more new Breaking Dawn shirts being created on CafePress. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I love CafePress for Twilight shirts because you can make them say just about anything and in almost any size and color. Choose your own style and be original while still showing that you are a Twilight fan.

If you have read the book or even seen the trailer, you know what kind of things would make perfect Twilight Breaking Dawn shirts. For example, references to being “Imprinted” and “Isle Esme.” Now is also a good time to get shirts with the date 11-18-11 on them (the opening of the movie in the United States).

Below are a few of our favorites:

(“Isle Esme – Love, Beach, and Feathers” Love it!!)

(My Vampire Awaits–with Pajama pants!)

Click here to see all of the Breaking Dawn shirts at Cafepress. Their selection changes regularly and remember that you can customize the shirts if you would like something a little bit different or in a different color.