Twilight Graphic Novels 1 and 2

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I just saw these advertised in US Weekly and had to take a closer look at them! In addition to the previously released Twilight Graphic Novel Volume 1, there is now a Twilight Graphic Novel Volume 2. When you put the two covers side by side, they form a full picture of Bella and Edward (I think laying in the meadow).

Volume 1 is about Bella and Edward meeting and continues up through when Bella finds out the truth about Edward. Volume 2 then picks up where the first book left off and completes the story of the first book in the Twilight Saga.

The graphic novels are heavy on images and light on dialogue but true to the Twilight storyline. Volume 2 does include some additional back stories for the characters in a way that hasn’t been shown before now.

You can get both Twilight Graphic novels through Amazon for about $10 each.