Twilight Breaking Dawn Wedding Barbies

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Twilight Wedding Barbie Bella and EdwardThe Collector’s Edition Twilight Breaking Dawn Wedding Barbie and Ken (Bella and Edward) have been available for a little over a month and are already selling out. Although I was able to find the ones on the left at my local Target, there were only 2 left and 2 other Targets that I checked were already out.

The dolls really are beautiful. The attention to detail of Bella’s hair, dress, blue hair clip, and wedding bang are wonderful. When you put the two boxes next to each other, they form the wisteria-draped awning that Edward and Bella were married under.

If you are not lucky enough to be able to find the Twilight Barbies at your Target, there are a couple of places that you can get them online. Amazon has them through their resellers, but it looks like they are selling out quickly as well. Another option is to order them through eBay. eBay has quite a few listings for them as well as some cute other wedding outfits and accessories that are not official but patterned after the movie. Check out the eBay auctions ending soon below.

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