You Can Still Get Bella’s Engagement Ring Online

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Bella's Engagement Ring Breaking Dawn Wedding Even though it has been many years since the Twilight books and movies have been released, people are still looking to buy replicas of Bella’s engagement ring. A lot of the places that used to sell it either aren’t in business anymore or are no longer making it.

So I spent some time doing a little research to find it for you! Here are your best options:

Amazon: Amazon has an assortment of different rings but the selection comes and goes. It’s one of the best places to be able to still get the prop replica ring. Their rings start at about $5 and come with a variety of different shipping options. If you are looking for a ring fast, they also have some available with Prime Shipping that will get them to you in a few days.

Etsy: If you are looking for something more custom made, etsy has a number of Twilight-inspired rings. They have the regular diamond-looking one but also similar rings with different colored stones. The prices vary considerably but you can get a really nice one for around $75.

Zales: This is the most expensive version of the ring and isn’t meant to be costume jewelry but rather a real diamond engagement ring that looks like Bella’s. If you are seriously a Twilight fan who even wants to get engaged like Bella, this is the ring for you! It’s 1 CT total weight diamonds in white gold and currently sells for around $2000.00.

No matter your budget, you can find a version of Bella’s engagement ring that works for you!