Twilight Trading Card Details

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I’ve been working on getting more details about the new Twilight Premium Trading Cards. According to the Inkworks website, the cards will be released in November. The 72-card base set will include cards with scenes from the Twilight movie and Twilight character cards. However, there will also be bonus cards including cards titled “Always,” “Protector,” “Different,” and “In Pursuit.”

Although the above cards will be able to be purchased at retail stores, there will be additional “Autograph” and “Pieceworks” cards that can only be purchased at hobby stores, card, and comic book retailers. These cards feature the autographs of the Twilight cast members as well as information about pieces of the costumes worn by the Twilight characters in the movie.


What I love about these cards are that there are images different than the standard Bella and Edward images that we have been seeing all over the place. As an Alice fan, I love the pictures of the full Cullen family. Looking for a comic store to buy from so that you have a chance at getting some of the bonus cards? You can pre-order your Twilight Trading Card single packs at Things From Another World for a limited time. The suggested retail price is $3.49, but TFAW is currently selling them for only $3.00 each.


  1. steffania says

    im with sarah. Trading cards, u can do better. cards only work for certain things, this is not one of them, im the biggest twilight fan ever, too.

  2. mariah says

    i have to agree with you guys it is stupid.its just another thing for people to waste their money on. but i still bought a pack. i had to and i got alice

  3. Theresa says

    it is something different. same as those cartoontrading cards. if they dont waste their moneyonthis thanthey will waste it on something else! shoot, when i wasyounger.. ibegged toget every 90210 doll. and to this day i still havethem in their orginial boxes and they r now sitting on a shelf n my daughters room.u cant take money with u when u die! i figure i wouldrather see ppl wastetheir money on this stuffrather than drugs and alcohol! but thats just my opinion. thats just freedom of speech and opinion. to each their own!