Save 25% on Twilight Merchandise and Twilight Books

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I just came across a coupon that will allow you to save 25% off of any one item at Borders. The coupon is available through November 27. There are some exclusions, but it looks like you can use it on the Twilight Calendar or any of the Twilight books. It’s a great chance to buy Twilight gifts before Christmas or just a little treat for yourself.

Click here for the Borders coupon and then type “Twilight” into their search to find the Twilight Saga books or the Twilight Calendar. Of course, the coupon is good on non-Twilight items as well, but who cares about those??


  1. karely says

    i love twilight so much and i am trying to get all the twilight books but we can not afored all the books I am a huge fan and i like eeduard as a vampire