Lifesize Twilight Cut-Outs from

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Imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing a lifesize cut-out of Rob Pattinson as Edward or Taylor Lautner as Jacob. has just released a series of Twilight Stand Ups. They are currently available in Edward, Bella, Jacob, Laurent, James, Alice, Carlisle and Victoria. They measure different heights depending on the characters but seem to all be about 5 or 6 feet high. They would be perfect for a game room, Twilight party, or even bedroom.

The cut-outs can be mounted to a wall or door or stand up by themselves. If you are interested in them, you had better order quickly because it says that they take 5-10 days to ship. I’ve seen them adding other Twilight posters over the last several weeks, so we may still see them adding Alice or Jacob later.

Edited: Amazon also has the standups now–some from Twilight and some from New Moon. Click here to see the whole collection.


  1. carly says

    i love twilight so much it is the best thing in the hole wide world and to meet the twilight crew would make me so happy that i would jump off a brige i love you twilight 🙂

  2. BROOKE says

    I <3 TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE READ THE BOOKS, SAW THE MOVIES AND HAVE THE STUFF! TWILIGHT IS MY LIFE!

  3. isabelle swann says

    i’ll garuntee you im the biggest fan!!!!!
    i had plastic surgery done on my nose to have it look like kristen stewart,
    i’ve renamed my name to isabelle swann,
    i have a twilight shrine in my bedroom and i pray to it before i go to sleep every night,
    i have managed to kiss robert pattinson,
    i started calling my fiance edward and now our relation ship is over 🙁
    i lost my job because i went to see newmoon and eclipse during working hours
    i keep a bitten apple in every room in my house
    all my rooms have been redecorated to look like bellas house
    im currently trying to transfer to forks,
    not to mention the amount of times i have read the books.
    my hall way is plastered with pictures of robert
    i’ve lost contact with all my family and friends because they think my obsession has gone to far,
    i have a huskey called jacob and i believe he’s my bestfriend and that he loves me,
    when the twilight saga ends, i plan on comitting suicide because i have no reason to live,

    – if you think your obsessed well, i think that im just a bigger fan than you,
    the twilight saga hhas ruined my life, yet i still continue to be in love with the saga.

  4. Selene says

    I’m a mega HUGE Twilight and I’m looking for Bella and Edward Stand Ups/Cut-outs from Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. Can anyone help me?