Get Bella’s Bed at Target

Twilight Fans! Find the best Twilight merchandise, collectibles, clothes, jewelry, and more. Disclosure: We make a commission off of some of the links. Bella’s bed set is back at Target! You can get the bedroom set seen in the Twilight movies for a reasonable price if you search for the “Home Flocked Comforter Set – […]

Get Bella’s Backpack from New Moon

Want to get Bella’s backpack from New Moon? It’s the JanSport Right Pack and you can get it from Amazon for about $30. Although you can get it in a variety of different colors, the one that you want if you want to look like Bella is called Copper Brown. It was once highlighted in People Magazine […]

Decorate with Twilight Saga New Moon Wall Skins

Looking to decorate your bedroom with more than just Twilight posters? Check out the officially licensed Wall Skins from The Wall Skins are available in Edward, Bella, and Jacob and come both life size as well as a smaller 15″ x 50″. You don’t need nails, tacks, or tape to hang them up. Even […]

Pre-Order Special Edition Breaking Dawn

  Borders has announced that it is taking orders for a new special edition of Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight Series. The book will officially come out on August 4. What will the special edition include? This is from the Borders site (emphasis mine): “This Special Edition of the #1 […]