Get Bella’s Backpack from New Moon

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Want to get Bella’s backpack from New Moon? It’s the JanSport Right Pack and you can get it from Amazon for about $30. Although you can get it in a variety of different colors, the one that you want if you want to look like Bella is called Copper Brown. It was once highlighted in People Magazine an on’s 2009 Holiday Product Guide.

JanSport is known for being a really good brand of backpack. So the good news is that this is an item that you should be able to use for years to come! The bad news is that the movie has been out for so long that it is getting harder to find the right backpacks.


  1. Rachael says

    looking on the jansport sites and the ebags site it looks like it can only be bought in america but im in the uk and really want one. can i do this?

  2. Claire says

    Rachael, did anyone ever answer your question? I’m also in the UK and looking at getting the bag, but the shipping is usually more expensive than the bag!