Pre-Order Special Edition Breaking Dawn

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Breaking Dawn: Special Edition

Borders has announced that it is taking orders for a new special edition of Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight Series. The book will officially come out on August 4. What will the special edition include? This is from the Borders site (emphasis mine):

“This Special Edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller includes: An exclusive Breaking Dawn Concert Series DVD featuring a performance by Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld and a conversation with Stephenie Meyer and Justin Furstenfeld. A reproduction of the personal, handwritten lyrics for My Never from Justin Furstenfeld. A limited-edition, full-color Bella & Edward poster (on reverse side of book jacket). And more!”

Looks like a pretty good deal for only $24.99. Plus, if you order the pre-order now, you can get it for $17.49. Remember that Borders will ship from from the site to your closest store for free or you get free shipping with any order over $25. Click here to see the Breaking Dawn Special Edition full details on the Borders site.