Twilight DVD Release Date? Pre-order the Twilight DVD

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We’ve been hearing speculation that the Twilight DVD might be out as early as February 14. However, none of the stores have given any indication that they are getting close to getting the DVDs. In fact, most are not even taking preorders for it yet. However, I did find one site tonight that is doing preorders for the Twilight DVD already, with a tentative U.S. release date of April 30, 2009.

Things From Another World ( has three different Twilight DVDs for preorder: Twilight DVD Blu-Ray, Twilight DVD Reg Ed, and Twilight DVD Spec Ed. This coincides with what we have been hearing about a special Twilight edition with commentary, outtakes, etc.

Prices range from $27.99 to $31.99. That is with the 20% pre-order discount. I’ll continue to keep an eye out for all Twilight DVD preorder options!

Edited: Some sites are now saying that the release date of the Twilight DVD is March 21. The TFAW preorder page still says April 30 but that the DVDs will be sent to coincide with the street release date of the DVD.

Edited: You can now pre-order the Twilight DVD at Amazon as well! Click here!

Updated: Everyone is now confirming a March 21, 2009 Twilight DVD Release date!


  1. lori says

    I pre-ordered the video from and then again at our local Suncoast Motion Picture store.

    Suncoast was offering wide-screen, full-screen, blu-ray and a special edition of the DVD – no release date was given.

  2. maddie says

    i loved the twilight movie as soon as it comes and we r able to preorder it im so getting like 5 copies:]:]

  3. Meagan says

    I’m definitely getting this pre-ordered!! I’m getting the special edition!!
    I love Twilight to deathhh!!!

  4. morgan says

    this was the best movie of my life and i have seen it 12 times and already pre order at block buster

  5. lauar says

    i love that movie twilight. i watched it a million times and can still watch it, i cant wait for the other ones to come out, im going to own them all. well thanks for your time.

  6. tan says

    omg i luv twilight it iz definatly my best movie to date. aaqh the tochure i want it on DVD now!!!!! definatly gona pre-order ut cz it will probably b sold out the day it comes out. i luv u Edward xxxx