Twilight Edward Action Figure from Hot Topic

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Last month we showed you the pre-order of the Twilight Edward 7-inch Action Figure from It was selling for $14.39. Today we noticed that Hot Topic now has a Twilight Edward Action Figure that looks to be the exact same. The good news is that it is available now. The bad news is that it is $16.99. Both say that they come with a Cullen Crest.

Here’s the Hot Topic Description:

This Edward action figure features the sensitive vampire in his blue button-down shirt, jeans and grey pea coat. Beautiful articulation with movable limbs. Includes a Cullen crest.

So if you want the Edward Doll, you can either pre-order it cheaper at or order it now for a bit more at Hot Topic. Either way, I would not be surprised if they sell out soon because they will be starting merchandising for New Moon this summer.


  1. lori says

    Once again Hot Topic has the same merchandise as another store, but at a higher selling price…another example that blows my mind is the Twilight perfume, which is only $24.00 at Border’s, $28.00 at Suncoast and $48.00 at Hot Topic…I feel the more the movie(s)/books are growing in popularity, we, the poor fans, are being ripped off – please check other competitors before you purchase from Hot Topic – many times I locate the same exact items much cheaper !!!!

  2. Pam says

    Yes Borders is much cheaper on the perfume, but the Edward doll came out a few weeks ago at $19.99
    I’m curious if all them have the typo special abilities “ming reading” instead of mind reading.

  3. Karol says

    Ugh. I was on Hottopic the other day, and the typos ARE real.
    The spelled mind reading wrong (as “ming”) and they spelled his middle name wrong as well. It says “mason” rather than “masen.”

  4. gyrlx says

    beware the ebay as well. I am a retailer who sells Twilight merch (NOT HOT TOPIC, however) and we have what we call “ebay trollers” coming in to buy up the harder to find items (i.e. the music box) and then selling them for a hefty profit on ebay. (I heard the calender that was an exclusive to Borders was selling for close to $100) So it does pay to shop & compare locally before you buy anywhere.