Walmart Adding Twilight Shops in March

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Here are few Twilight school supply options as well. Most are NOT official Twilight merchandise:

Notepads from Lobotome (they say “Bite Me” and have Edward Cullen on them)

Bookmarks from Hot Topic (Bella, Jacob, Jasper, Edward, Alice, etc)

Pens from Hot Topic (Eclipse logo, Wolfpack, Jacob, etc)

Twilight Lunchboxes

Twilight Messenger Bags

Original Post:

Apparently even Walmart is jumping on the Twilight bandwagon. Walmart announced yesterday that in March and April they will be featuring “Twilight Shops” in their stores where you can buy the Twilight DVDs, Twilight books, Twilight soundtrack, Twilight posters, and other Twilight odds and ends.

Walmart has also announced that you can order the standard Twilight DVD for only $17.00. The site says that you can do an instore pickup or have it delivered. The 2 DVD set is available for $22.86.


  1. says

    I can’t wait even though its wallie world but now I don’t have to pester my parents into taking me to the mall which is in a different state now i can just go to wallie world… wow

  2. says

    I love Twilght! I am going to send this to my mom! Maybe she’ll get me the Twilight tshirt and the Bella&Edward action figure dolls! OMG OMG OMG! Go Wal-mart:)!

  3. Jol says

    i love twilight alot!!!! but action figures? maybe for little kids i suppose but its more of a teenager movie kinda…… but ya i cant wait 🙂

  4. says

    I now (in words of Jacob Black) owe life long servility to Wal-Mart! Yes, I do if a little box candy hearts triggers it a twilight shop definitely does!

    P.S. Karol, I think they already started selling twilight supplies.

  5. Elsie says

    Twilight was amaing!!!!!
    i can wait for new moon to finally come out and i cant wait to watch eclipse and breaking dawn
    i really hope stephenie meyer will write the rest of midnight sun
    TWILIGHT RULZ THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    harry potter step away
    cuz twilight is the new favorite

  6. says


  7. nikki loves edward says

    edward rocks!who ever doesn’t like edward has gon sico.anyway, i need to go polish my edward barbie doll. logging off nikki loves edward.

  8. says

    go team jacob !!!!!!……..i love the new twilight stuff at wal mart and it is going really quickly !!!! i keep telling my parents i want some jewelary and stuff for easter if they can afford it!!!! because i am a major twilight fan !!!!!

  9. christine says

    i love the twilight stuff at walmart and i just hope they get a biger sulection when twilight eclips comes out because i think edward is so dreamy and alice and jasper are so cute together and hopefully they come out with twilight shirts with color this time

  10. christine says

    I’am a twilight mom all the way and i would love to meet a guy like edward he is so romantic and sweet and heart worming i must watch my twilight movies like 20 times a day i love twilight i am a twilght fan all the way and i will be a fan till death.

  11. bree says

    i love twilight so so so much edward cullen is the hottest guy ever i watch the movie today

  12. Team Twilight Freak #2 says

    i love the twilight Saga its really exciting and romantic the storie between Edward and Bella…. i lOve Edward and Jacob of all the weird creatures that may have a life they are the more Cute and hot!!

  13. Samantha says

    Does anyone know where I can get some school supplies with the Twilight theme? I am a teacher and I know I might be able to get some students to focus more with these as prizes. Just like myself…I will be more focused on Edward while I am in fun filled meetings. 🙂

  14. Flam3nco says

    Hey!!! Do you know if Walmart is still selling this? Do you know if they´re selling Bella´s Bracelet from Eclipse? I mean the one with the wolf and the heart because I want one!!! I´ll be in Florida in november and I want to buy it in a store, not online… If anyone knows if Walmart is selling it or maybe other store close to Kissimmee Florida where I can buy the bracelet and Alice´s necklace please leave a comment…
    I´d be very grateful =)
    From: Another Twilight Fan!!! Team Switzerland! But I like Edward more =)