Twilight Calendar 2009-2010 (Poster Calendar)

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I’ve seen some pretty cool Twilight calendars, but the one at is the coolest! The Twilight 2009-2010 Poster Calendar is a 12 month Twilight calendar featuring pictures from the Twilight movie. It has a “year at a glance” 2009 calendar so that you can start using it now. What sets this calendar apart from others is that it features 12 oversized images that are perforated. This means that you can tear the images out and use them as posters when you are done with the calendar!

The Twilight Calendar is currently selling for $17.99. The last time that we saw Twilight Calendars selling at this price, they sold out quickly and ended up selling for triple their value on eBay.

While you are at, you might as well check out their Twilight bookmarks as well! If your order totals $20 or more, you can get free shipping and 20% off using coupon code AF20CAL before the end of February.


  1. Diana says

    Hey I was wondering how 2 order these things lyk the dvd, calendar, and the accessories of twilight lyk by pre-ordering it at the store, cuz i cant order online!

  2. lesli says

    Walmart is now selling calenders to!! but there are cheaper i dont know the exact price and there is 13 pictures according to the cover. i practically had a hissy fit when my mom sad i could buy one. i was like a kid in a candy store. your mom puts the chocolate bar back. then you pick it up again then she puts it back then you pick it then she puts it back then you cry… except unlike a 6 year old at the candy store i was a 14 year old in the middle of walmart.