Twilight Party Supplies

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We have had a number of people asking us where they can get Twilight party supplies. The short answer is that there is no place where you can buy a Twilight party pack or anything like that (yet!). However, you can get creative and use a combination of making your Twilight party supplies and buying Twilight party supplies on eBay. These Twilight party supplies would be great for a Twilight birthday party, a Twilight movie watching party, a Twilight book club, or even a New Moon premiere night party.

Some examples of the party supplies that you can often find on eBay?

Twilight Candy Bar Wrappers. You can have these made by (among others) macsdesigns. They come in different options, including customization for your party.

Other really cool Twilight party supplies would include Twilight party invitations, Twilight trivia game, Twilight bookmark party favors, edible cake images, Twilight pins, Twilight pinatas, and more! The items on eBay change every day, so you never know what you are going to get. Here are the Twilight Party Supply auctions ending soon:

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