Twilight New Moon Merchandise on eBay

Twilight Fans! Find the best Twilight merchandise, collectibles, clothes, jewelry, and more. Disclosure: We make a commission off of some of the links.I’ve been seeing a lot of unique Twilight merchandise popping up on eBay lately. Whether you are looking for official Twilight merchandise or fan-made Twilight merchandise, eBay has it all. In fact, when I do a […]

Twilight Party Supplies

We have had a number of people asking us where they can get Twilight party supplies. The short answer is that there is no place where you can buy a Twilight party pack or anything like that (yet!). However, you can get creative and use a combination of making your Twilight party supplies and buying […]

Preorder Bella’s Jacket from Twilight

For those of you wanting to get Bella’s style or dress up in a Bella costume for a New Moon opening night party or Halloween, you will want to check out the Twilight Jacket by BB Dakota by Jack. Here’s a description: “Quench your thirst for spell binding romance in the toasty Twilight Jacket by BB Dakota […]

Twilight Bella Bracelets on eBay

Bracelets inspired by Twilight are popping up everywhere. My favorite are the Bella Bracelets, which replicate the charm bracelet given to Bella. Most of them feature a carved wolf charm as well as a crystal heart charm of some kind. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you should check out eBay for […]