Twilight Saga New Moon Soundtrack Available for Pre-Order

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It’s amazing to me that people are already pre-ordering the Twilight New Moon Soundtrack, and the track titles for the CD have not even been released! If you are one of those twi-hards who wants to know that your soundtrack will be on its way as soon as possible, you can visit Amazon to pre-order the Twilight Saga New Moon Soundtrack.

As I mentioned, there is virtually no information about the CD yet. However, as of this post, it is the #7 selling soundtrack on Amazon and #41 overall. Pretty good for a CD without any songs yet!

If you pre-order your Twilight New Moon Soundtrack from Amazon today, you will get it for $9.99 as well as get $1 worth of Amazon mp3s for free. It’s not a fabulous deal, but it is probably as good as it is going to get.

Edited 08-27-09: We’ve now learned that the song “Meet Me On the Equinox,” written specifically for the movie by Death Cab for Cutie, will be on soundtrack.