Twilight: Bella’s Engagement Ring

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Emitations has released its version of Bella’s Engagement Ring from Twilight. The book says that Bella’s ring is “long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones.” It’s a matter of interpretation what that would actually look like. Presumably it would be very old fashioned because it belonged to Edward’s mother. Here’s the ring in yellow gold (plated) if you want it to look like it says in the book:

Inspired by Twilight Engagement Ring: Bella’s Wedding Ring – Gold

If you want something a little bit cheaper but still want the look of Bella’s ring, you can get it in silver as well:

Inspired by Twilight Engagement Ring: Bella’s Wedding Ring – Silver

These sell for between $44 and $49 right now, but they are pretty hot so you might want to order now in case your size is on back order. They do ship internationally!

(Between now and October 9 you can take 6% off an $80 purchase if you click on this link. They have Bella bracelets, too, plus some jewelry that looks like what Kristen Stewart has been spotted wearing. Just search for Twilight and you can see all of it)


  1. Kelly says

    I have the one in silver and I love it. I only take it of to do house work or to take a shower! It is a must have!!!!

  2. D Sangster says

    would like to buy bellas engagement ring in silver for my daughter for Christmas we live in England can you help me

  3. jen says

    well…. i want to buy all this stuff, but i dont like to buy in the internet. i live in mexico. really i need help!!!!!!!!