Twilight Merchandise Christmas Shipping from CafePress

Twilight Fans! Find the best Twilight merchandise, collectibles, clothes, jewelry, and more. Disclosure: We make a commission off of some of the links.

Christmas is coming soon and shipping deadlines are looming. One of our favorite places for Twilight merchandise is CafePress. They deliver to many countries, but you will want to make sure that you order by the follow dates for Christmas delivery:

United States
Shipping Method     Order by
Economy     11:59 p.m. (EST) Sunday, December 13
Standard     11:59 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, December 15
Premium     11:59 p.m. (EST) Sunday, December 20
1 Day     Noon (EST) Monday, December 21

Canada and the United Kingdom
Shipping Method     Order by
Economy     Extended to 11:59 p.m. (EST) Thursday, December 10
Standard     11:59 p.m. (EST) Sunday, December 13
Express     11:59 p.m. (EST) Friday, December 18

US Territories and the Rest of the World, including Australia
Shipping Method     Order by
Economy     Extended to 11:59 p.m. (EST) Thursday, December 10
Express     11:59 p.m. (EST) Friday, December 18

Here are some of the things you will find at CafePress: Twilight Shirts, Official New Moon Calendar, Twilight Hoodies, Twilight Tote Bags, Twilight Mini Buttons, Twilight Throw Pillows, Twilight Cups, Twilight Mugs, Twilight Magnets, Twilight Stickers, and Twilight Posters. Of course, most of these feature New Moon phrases, pictures, and logos as well.

They also have special sections for: Spotlight on Edward Cullen, Spotlight on Jacob Black, Team Edward, Team Jacob, Volturi, Forks, LaPush, and Quileutes.

New Moon Merchandise

Most of the merchandise is Fan Made, which means that it is not official Twilight merchandise. However, it is more creative and customizable than the official Twilight merchandise. And they ship internationally!

So no matter what kind of New Moon stuff you are looking for, click here to check out CafePress and get it delivered by Christmas.