Barbie Twilight New Moon Jacob Doll

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We’ve seen a lot of Twilight dolls released, but the Barbie Twilight New Moon Jacob Doll is by far the most buff! As a Twilight fan, I don’t think that I would want the doll. But as a mom of two girls who play with Barbies (and Kens), I might actually buy it for them.

The doll is clearly modeled after Taylor Lautner in New Moon. He has the short hair, Quileute tattoo, and….um… ripped abs. While the body may be sculpted like Taylor, the face doesn’t do him justice. Taylor is a cutie. This doll is just kind of a boy with dark hair. The Jacob Doll can be pre-ordered through Amazon with a delivery date of early March. At $24.95, it’s actually not a bad price.

You can also still order the Barbie Twilight Bella and Edward dolls for various prices.


  1. Danielle says

    hey dudes this is danielle and this website needs more stuff of jacob because he is hot and i love him and i want him to be my boyfriend