Twilight New Moon Wolf Hoodie With Ears is Back

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We’ve had a number of visitors emailing us and leaving comments that they are looking for the Twilight Saga New Moon Wolf Hoodie. It looked like it was going out of stock and unavailable for purchase. It appears that Hot Topic has now added it back to its site:

Twilight New Moon Wolf Thing Hoodie

Twilight New Moon Wolf Thing Hoodie

The front features Jacob and “It’s a wolf thing.” The back features the Quileute logo and “Wolf girl.” And the hood features wolf ears. Visit Hot Topic today before the Wolf Hoodies with ears sell out again.


  1. says

    I went on hot topic just know and the “its a wolf thing” hoddie was sold out . I was just wondering if they were going to start selling those again once eclipse comes out. I really really wont one my mom was suppose to by me one for christmas but of course she didnt

  2. says

    OMG! Team Jacob Tbh.
    I’m So Much In Lovee With Him!
    He’s Drop Dead Gorgeous.
    I Lovee This Hoody And If It Wasn’t That Much Money, I Would Buy It.
    Team Jacob Cause Real Men Dont Sparkle! xxx

  3. team jacob gal says

    i’m from the uk… do you know if i can get one from the uk? if not are they still availiable on the hot topic website?

    I NEED 1!!

  4. lOove-TaylOor says

    Somebody knows where I can find this pullover, I need it has any price ^^

  5. team taylor says

    I realllyyy want this hoodie but on they dont show them…are they at the store?

  6. Lissy says

    I really want this hoodie so bad please where can i get please please please please PLEEAASSEE!!!!!!

  7. Angel says

    Just dound out about this hoodiejust browsing to updatign my collection and im disapoiunted that i cant find it -.-