Twilight Eclipse Merchandise at Hot Topic

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Twilight Eclipse merchandise has arrived at Hot Topic! We’ll go into more detail about all of the new merchandise over the next few days, but here is a brief overview. Right now you can only pre-order the merchandise, but it will be delivered early in June.

Eclipse shirts are going to be big in the next month. Hot Topic not only has the most popular characters (Jacob, Edward, and Bella), but also many of the others such as Jasper, the entire Wolf Pack, Emmett, Alice, Leah, and Victoria. No Volturi so far.

There’s also some new Eclipse jewelry, including Bella’s Bracelet, Bella’s engagement ring, and various other necklaces. The rubber bracelets are back including “Team Jacob” and “Team Switzerland.”

Some smaller Eclipse merchandise is being sold including Eclipse pens, keychains, pins, bookmarks, bandages (kind of weird!), and water bottles.

Check out Hot Topic for the whole new Eclipse merchandise line and start pre-ordering today! (and don’t forget that all of their New Moon Merchandise is still 50% 0ff–what’s left of it!)