Custom Fangs for Twilight Fans

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Scarecrow Custom Fangs

If you are working on your Twilight costume, you are going to need some fangs (unless you are Bella…and maybe even then….). Most costume fangs are just plain annoying, do not look realistic, and won’t let you talk. We’ve been searching for the perfect fangs and think that we have found them. Scarecrow Custom Fangs allow you to fit them to your teeth once and then use them for years to come. They come with great instructions and even have a video (below) that will help you fit them. Check it out and see how perfect they would be for your Twilight costume!

Scarecrow Custom Fangs (available at


  1. Angelique says

    I’d just like to say that fangs for a twilight vampire costume wouldn’t make sense because the twilight vampires don’t have fangs, just normal teeth.

  2. admin says

    It’s true that they do not have “fangs” in the traditional sense of vampires. But for purposes of costumes, you have to overemphasize things for people to get who are you trying to be. The great thing about these is that you can place them so such that they look like like traditional fangs and more like sharp teeth that you can hide and show only when you want to.

  3. hannah says

    You can also get these at like walmart and places like that. Just so everyone knows they work pretty good to

  4. Diya ajith says

    Oh that’s cool but I just paint them fangs on my lips it’s easy. (btw my costume is a giesha vampire)

  5. says

    Justlike to say, even though Twilight vamps don’t have fangs doesn’t mean that you can’t wear em for the hell of it! Besides, if your addicted to vampire movies and books you’d buy them anyways, because you’ll never have to get cheap faulty ones for halloween!

  6. Jess says

    Just bought Twilight golden contacts and scarecrow fangs at a local costume shop for Halloween. I’m looking forward to trying them. A friend has the fangs and they look awesome. the Lovebites kind are a bit cheaper and more subtle too.