New Breaking Dawn 2 Teaser

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Breaking Dawn 2 Trailer

The much-hyped Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Teaser has been released, and I have to say it is pretty disappointing. At only 10 seconds long, it doesn’t contain much except for the fact that the Volturi are coming for Renesmee. We get quick glances of Edward, Bella, Jacob, Alice, and the Volturi, but not Renesmee.

Breaking Dawn 2 is set to be released November 16, 2012.

What do you think about the teaser? Does it make you more excited about the movie or leave you cold?


  1. mary says

    I must say i have mixed emotions about it. It’s not really that great but i still want to watch it.

  2. mad4hugh says

    I thought the same thing, but further read that this is not the full teaser trailer: It’s just a sneak peek. The full teaser trailer will be released tomorrow morning.

    Not that the 2nd teaser trailer will seem to be MUCH longer: the 1st one was only 49-seconds long! lol

  3. winter says

    umm it was more of a tiny little short flim rather than a teaser cuz it would be more like more explaining but not too much just enough for you too get hooked