New Twilight Movies are Out! #TwilightStories

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New Twilight Movies

The new Twilight movies have been officially released and we can’t wait to see what you think of them!

Chosen from 1300 scripts, it has now been narrowed down to 7 films. Each filmmaker was given $50,000 to produce their short film. The public can now vote on the 7 films and the winner will be given $100,000. What’s really unique is that these movies were all released directly to Facebook.

So here are the films:

  • The Mary Alice Brandon File
  • The Groundskeeper
  • Consumed
  • Sunrise
  • Masque
  • We’ve Met Before
  • Turncoats

The films run between about 9 and 12 minutes each. Without giving away our opinion too much, we do have to say that it is REALLY weird seeing other people playing the roles of some of our beloved characters.

Which were your favorite? Will you be voting?


  1. Laura says

    They are all very well written and directed by everyone. They all deserve to win. Each one is done from a different perspective which makes them all unique. But if I had to choose one, it would be “Masque”. It shows the humanity of Carlisle and Esmeralda.