Twilight Reimagined (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Twilight Reimagined

Big news this morning from Stephenie Meyer on the Today Show. We found out that included in the 400 page bonus content in the Twilight Special Tenth Anniversary Edition is a new Twilight novel rewritten with the genders reversed. The main characters become Beau, Edythe, and Julie.

Meyer explained that she didn’t like the fact that many people saw Bella as a “damsel in distress” and that she hoped that the new version would help to see her as just a “person” in distress.

Meyer also addressed questions about whether characters like Katniss and Tris would exist if not for Twilight. Meyer doesn’t take credit for the whole genre and said that she believes those stories would have still been told even without Twilight.

Will you read the new Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined? Does the 10th anniversary inspire you to read the whole series again? Do you wish instead of reversing the roles that Meyer would have stuck with writing the whole novel from Edward’s perspective?

The new version is available at Amazon both in card copy and Kindle. The price is very close (only 54 cents more for the Hardcover) so if you can wait the few days to get it, it might be worth waiting!


Twilight Tenth Anniversary Edition with Bonus Content


It’s hard to believe that Twilight is approaching its 10th anniversary. The 4-book series has spawned a novella, 5 movies, graphic novels, online movies, and more. The books themselves have sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

Now in celebration of those 10 years, Twilight is being re-released on October 6 and will include exclusive bonus content. In addition, author Stephenie Meyer will be participating in upcoming book signings and New York Comic-Con.

“It’s amazing to me that 10 years have passed since Twilight was first published. For me, this anniversary is a celebration of the fans, with all of their incredible passion and dedication. I’m excited to get to spend time with them again,” Meyer said.

We don’t know yet what the “bonus” content will include, but there could be a lot of it considering how much has come out since the original book release. You can pre-order Twilight Tenth Anniversary Edition at Amazon now.

What would YOU like to see in there? 

New Twilight Movies are Out! #TwilightStories

New Twilight Movies

The new Twilight movies have been officially released and we can’t wait to see what you think of them!

Chosen from 1300 scripts, it has now been narrowed down to 7 films. Each filmmaker was given $50,000 to produce their short film. The public can now vote on the 7 films and the winner will be given $100,000. What’s really unique is that these movies were all released directly to Facebook.

So here are the films:

  • The Mary Alice Brandon File
  • The Groundskeeper
  • Consumed
  • Sunrise
  • Masque
  • We’ve Met Before
  • Turncoats

The films run between about 9 and 12 minutes each. Without giving away our opinion too much, we do have to say that it is REALLY weird seeing other people playing the roles of some of our beloved characters.

Which were your favorite? Will you be voting?

Twilight Forever 55% Off Today

Twilight Forever

Great deal at Amazon today! You can save 55% on Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga. Regularly $64.98, you can get the DVD + Ultraviolet Set for only $28.99 (plus qualifies for free Amazon Prime Shipping). The Blu-ray set is normally $74.99 and is selling for $32.99.

The sets contain:

  • DVD Disc 1 Twilight feature film, extended scenes, music videos
  • DVD Disc 2 : Twilight special features, deleted scenes, *new* jump-tos, the adventure begins: the journey from page to screen a 7-part documentary, ComiCon featurette, cast interviews, premiere red carpet footage, music featurettes, a conversation with Stephenie Meyer and more
  • DVD Disc 3 : New Moon feature film
  • DVD Disc 4: New Moon special features, Deleted scenes, 6-part documentary, music videos, featurettes, jump-tos
  • DVD Disc 5: New Moon special features, Extended scenes, extended interviews
  • DVD Disc 6: Eclipse feature film
  • Disc 7 : Eclipse special features, Deleted scenes, extended scenes, extended interviews, 6-part documentary, music videos, jump-to­s, photo galleries
  • DVD Disc 8 : Breaking Dawn Part 1 feature film (theatrical and extended editions)
  • DVD Disc 9: Breaking Dawn Part 1 special features love, death, birth a 6-part documentary, featurettes, jump-to­s, music videos and more
  • DVD Disc 10: Breaking Dawn Part 2 feature film
  • DVD Disc 11 : Breaking Dawn Part 2 special features forever a 7-part documentary, featurette, red carpet footage, music video
  • DVD Disc 12: All-New special features Cast retrospective with new interviews, Previously unreleased behind the scenes moments with the cast A look at the Twilight fan-omenon, Highlights of Edward and Jacob­’s stories in the saga

Even if you already have the separate movies, this Twilight Forever Boxed Set makes a great collector’s item plus has so many “extras” that it is perfect for the true Twilight fan.

Become a Twilight Fan Correspondent

Twilight Fan CorrespondentThe screenplays and directors have been chosen for the new Twilight films. Do you want to be a part of them?

A Twilight Fan Correspondent will be chosen for each of the new Twilight Short Finalists during production. As a Twilight Fan Fan Correspondent you could not only represent fans but also visit the set of one of the short films.

To enter you must upload a 15-60 second video via YouTube or enter with the hashtag #TwilightFan on Twitter or Instagram and explain why you should get it.

It’s open to U.S. and Canadian residents 18 and older. Entries must be submitted by April 8.

Visit the Facebook page for more information and to get entered.

Twilight Saga Volvo Contest

Twilight Volvo ContestRemember the Volvo from the first Twilight book? Volvo is taking advantage of its Twilight connection and has launched a new contest to coincide with The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga.

Not only is the Grand Prize a 2015 Volvo XC60 Crossover vehicle (worth $42,205), but 13 other monthly prize winners will win prizes such as:

  • Twilight Forever Swag Bag (including the Saga on Blu-ray and other fan-favorite prizes)
  • Soundsticks Wireless Home Speakers
  • Soho Wireless Headphones.

In addition to the contest, you can test your Twilight Knowledge with their trivia contest. You can get extra entries for voting in the Storytellers: New Voices of The Twilight Saga Contest, sharing the promotion through Twitter, and sharing the promotion via email.

The contest ends July 22, 2015.

New Twilight Movies Announced (Download the Screenplays!)

As we mentioned last fall, The Storytellers: New Voices of Twilight Saga is a project that will allow female writers and directors to turn their Twilight-inspired stories into short movies. The movies will be released through Facebook.

The list of the six winning screenplays has now been released. It’s interesting because out of 6 of them, 3 are about Alice. Each is based on characters from the Twilight world but goes outside the original Stephenie Meyer stories.

Here are the winners:

“The Groundskeeper” by Sarah Turi Boshear follows Alice and the events that led to her becoming a vampire.

“Sunrise” by Alanna Smith tells Benjamin’s story.

“Turncoats” by Lindsey Hancock Williamson is about Garrett and Carlisle during the Revolutionary War.

“The Mary Alice Brandon File” by Kailey and Sam Spear focuses on Alice’s human life before she became a vampire.

“Consumed” by Cullyn Doerfler & Megan L. Reese tells Jane and Alec’s story.

“We’ve Met Before” by Thea Green is all about Alice and Jasper’s first meeting.

You can actually download the Screenplays from the Tongal website. Each is available in pdf format.

Once you read download the screenplays, come back and tell us which you like the best!

Twilight Series to Release New Films #TwilightStories

We had a feeling that Lions Gate (which owns Summit) was not going to let Twilight die off after how hugely successful it was. But we figured it would be closer to the 10th anniversary of the first book before we heard anything. Today we are excited to bring you news about a new effort to bring Twilight back. The project looks to be called “The Storytellers: New Creative Voices of the Twilight Saga.”

Lions Gate, Women in Film, and Facebook are partnering to present 5 new short Films based on characters in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide. Aspiring female directors will be chosen, and the films will only be shown on Facebook.

From the New York Times: “We think Facebook is a great way for us to introduce the world of ‘Twilight’ to a whole new audience while re-energizing existing fans,” Michael Burns, Lions Gate’s vice chairman, said in an interview. “This is the just the beginning — a template, if you will,” Mr. Burns added. “You can probably guess what might be coming next.”

So what exactly IS coming next? Is he talking about what comes next for Twilight or what comes next for releasing movies on Social Media? It sounds like he is talking about movie making in general, but we hope that this signifies a whole new world for Twilight.

Clearly this particular effort has a lot to do with female empowerment. Also from the New York Times: “A group of female panelists, including the ‘Twilight’ actress Kristen Stewart and Ms. Meyer, will select the winning shorts and mentor participants, Lions Gate said. Other panelists include the actresses Kate Winslet, Octavia Spencer and Julie Bowen; Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first ‘Twilight’ movie; the film producer Cathy Schulman; and Jennifer Lee, who co-directed ‘Frozen.'”

You can sign up on the Tongal site to receive an announcement with the project launches.

Do you think that any of the original Twilight movie character will be brought back with different actors? Or do you think the films will focus on characters that did not get much attention in the movies and perhaps give them their own storylines?

Which characters would you like to see most in the films, knowing that the actors would likely be different?

What Year Did You First Read Twilight? Take Our Poll!

It’s hard to believe that the first Twilight book was released almost 9 years ago. Since that time, 3 more novels plus a novella followed it as well as 5 movies, illustrated movie companions, soundtracks, thousands of fan fictions, and more.

We’re wondering when CURRENT Twilight fans first read the book. Did you first read it back in 2005 and have loved it and followed it ever since? Or are you a second generation Twilight fan who was too young to read it back then but has fallen in love with the series recently?

Let us know in the poll below. Better yet, take the poll and leave a comment telling us why you still love Twilight after all these years.

(If the poll below doesn’t work for you–try taking it over there in the left sidebar!)

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Free Shipping on Twilight 2014 Calendar

I am surprised that they are even making them, but there are going to be 2014 Twilight calendars! Both are based on the entire cast. One is the Twilight Saga Calendar and the other is Twilight Forever.

Both are wall calendars that run from January through December, 2014. The feature full-color images from the movies. The Twilight Saga calendar has a different featured character each month (including Renesmee) along with some smaller pictures of the character from the movie. The Twilight Forever calendar has different scenes from the movie as the storyline progresses from Twilight through Breaking Dawn.

A great gift idea for those still hoping for more Twilight! Plus, through Oct 23 you can use code OCTFREE to get free shipping!