Twilight Shirts for Less Than Ten Dollars

Twilight Fans! Find the best Twilight merchandise, collectibles, clothes, jewelry, and more. Disclosure: We make a commission off of some of the links.We just came across a cool new site the other day that is selling ALL of its shirts for $9.99. They have 7  Twilight shirts included in their collection right now: Imprint This […]

Get Eclipse Premiere Shirts Now

The Twilight Eclipse Premiere is coming soon, and CafePress has a special section of Eclipse shirts to celebrate. Whether you are Team Jacob, Team Edward, or declaring yourself as “Switzerland,” you will find a shirt that is perfect. Even if your favorite  is Jasper, Alice, or Emmet, there is a shirt for you. There are […]

New Eclipse Merchandise at Hot Topic

Even more Twilight Eclipse merchandise has arrived at Hot Topic! New Eclipse merchandise has been released, including the great looking Cullen Crest necklace above. Even better, we have heard that merchandise is starting to ship now if you order it online, and some of the merchandise is available online only. Eclipse shirts are going to […]

Taylor Lautner Rolling Stone Poster

If you are tired of waiting for Eclipse posters to come out and need your fix of “Jacob,” check out this poster made from the Rolling Stone cover featuring Taylor Lautner. The cover has been blown up to 22 inches x 34 inches. I don’t think I even need to describe it. I’ll just let […]