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Find Twilight Eclipse T-shirts & More Here!

The Twilight Eclipse Premiere is coming soon, and CafePress has a special section of Eclipse shirts to celebrate. Whether you are Team Jacob, Team Edward, or declaring yourself as “Switzerland,” you will find a shirt that is perfect. Even if your favorite  is Jasper, Alice, or Emmet, there is a shirt for you. There are even shirts for the Wolf Pack, Volturi, and “newborns.” Some of the shirts are very obviously about Twilight while others are a little bit more obscure. The best part about the shirts from CafePress is that they can be customized–choose your color, size, lettering, and more.

Order today (they ship Internationally as well!) and you can have your shirt within the next week. Click here to see the whole Twilight Eclipse shirt collection at CafePress.