Twilight Costume: Female Vampire

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Depending on whether you want to go the traditional vampire route or the actual Twilight character route, there are so many different Twilight Costume possibilities. We’ll be exploring each of them over the next several days. First-the Female Twilight Vampire Costume.

These Twilight Costumes would be for women wanting to go to parties where people probably have not read the Twilight books and only know that the books are about vampires. They wouldn’t “get” that Stephenie Meyer’s vampires do not look like traditional vampires. But in keeping with the Twilight books, the female vampires would be attractive and trendy. Here’s a good one from Celebrate Express. It’s sassy and sexy, the way that I envision the Twilight vampires:

This one, also from Celebrate Express, comes in a bigger plus size:

Pretty much every online Halloween costume shop is going to have similar costumes to these. Just be sure to stick with ones that look less scary and more attractive. Here are a list of some of our favorite costume stores that we have confirmed have costumes like these:

Celebrate Express

Spirit Halloween

Costume Craze

If you are looking for actual Twilight Costumes, you will need to pull them together yourself. Check out our Twilight Costume section for ideas about Bella’s Bracelet, Bella’s Jacket, Twilight Contacts, and Twilight Makeup.


  1. Aubrey says

    I was Rosalie for halloween, and it was actually pretty easy.
    I bought a cheap red dress from a second-hand store and modified it to make it more classy and sexy. I took the remaining material and made a sash/scarf thing to go across my arms.
    Then I used some of that pale makeup, red lipstick, and mascara to enhance my facial features. I also used natural looking purple-ish eye shadow under my eyes to make the bruise effect.
    Then I curled my hair, put on an expensive looking necklace, sprayed my body with sparkly spray….and



  2. cheerleader13 says

    Ok people. Really. Like Aubrey said, you don’t have to buy a 100 dollar costume from a big huge costume franchise. You can make it. Simple. Duh!!!

  3. edward says


  4. Liv says

    hiya i am completely obsessed with rings and bella had a luh one in the fil.
    Doesanyone know where i could get one like that ??

  5. Barefoot Duchess says

    Honestly, guys…. I dressed as a pretty convincing Rosalie today and yesterday:

    Look @ her hair styles in the pictures, easy easy stuff! Then lets look @ her clothes…(good, well fitting jeans, feminine top, pretty shoes) nails well done and look closely @ her makeup (simple really – especially if you’re already pale like me… I just wear Loreal’s lightest shade of makeup and I’m vampire pale as it is!)
    Top it off with the necklace from Hot Topic and your done!

  6. says

    Dear Alice Cullen: Alice is a major Fashion Freak, she love expensive clothes making it hard to look like her. But if you want to look like Alice at a cheap price try just getting childerens dress-up clothes in your size. You might find something that looks classy rather than cheap. If you, a relative, a friend, or anyone you know is fairly talented at sewing, it might be cheaper to just pick up some fabric like silk or cashmire and have the person who sews turn it into a dress. You could always look for a cocktail dress, but that could get pretty expensive. At tarfet in the dollar store they sell body shimmer, If you apply enough, It will make your skin really pale. You could also just add a ton of really pale foundation. For the eyes you could ask about buying yellow eye contacts. (luckily your eyes aren’t venomous and won’t burn the contact like the real alice). Alice, just like in the movie has fairly short spiky hair,. You culd use a wig, hairnet, bobby pins, and lots of hairspray if you have long hair, or just use styling gel or bed head cream if you already have short hair.

  7. aleksandra says

    ome i luv edward and rob it would be hard to decide between the both of them especially when so many ppl r hitting on rob like megan fox and natalie portman (uhh i hate them now)!

  8. says

    ok i am trying to dress as alice cullen for the 2008 twi/tour in july i am spending tons on the tickets an room soo i cant really buy a hundred dollar costume so any ideas about where i can find a simillar looking dress to the one where bella meet the cullen family but i have the short hair an the light make up an the color contacts{gold}color so if you could help me with the outfit i would be extreamlly thankfuk

  9. alexandria says

    hi i love EDWARD CULLEN he is sooooooooo cute. when i am 17 in will meet edward and i will become a vampire and stay with him for etternity.

  10. says

    to make a cool alice costume all you need to do is find some clothes that look elegant but not overdone,pale consealer/coverup makeup,buy some gel to use to spike the tips of your hair, buy nonpernament brown hairdye and add some blonde/caramel streaks,light purple eyeshadow for the “i dont sleep” look to use under your eyes and that pretty much it!

  11. GRACIE says

    i dont look like ANY of the cullens but i am albino sooo my eyes change color and my skin is white and……my my hair is white to i like it but i dont look like bella or alice or rose so i goin to just b a vampire (a vegitarian one) like da cullens but ANYWAY im wearin black tight jeans a green n white baseball shirt ps EDWARD IS SOOOOOO MINE

  12. says


    My dears it is fairly easy for all you non vampires to become like us or Cullens.

    Bella: Go to your nearest hippie store and buy wooden St. Jude bracelet and peasant top for little money or ( RUE 21) has an embroidered top similar to the one Bella wears in the movie. You may want to layer the top with a camisole or a tight long sleeve color. Bella wears WARM fall colors, so NO Blue or purple. You must were Jeans. Also cute if you an adult and are going for a book costume you can do honeymoon Bella. Simply wear a night gown and take purple eye make up cover your hands in it an put handprints “bruises” on your arms(wash your hands). Dust your self with feathers and you are done.

    Alice: has short Aubun wigs ranging from $8.99 to $40. Alice is simple to find clothes. She wears COLD COLORS like all the Cullens.(Grey, Black, Navy, Silver, Blues)rue 21 and Charlette Rousse may have Alice like Clothes. She wears a fitted vest over a puffy white short-sleeve button up with a long white crochet- knit sweater with jeans. Also she wears a Grey block dress with a black shrug. Either make or buy the Alice Necklace. Her necklace is the hardest to find so it would be easier to take ribbon and a button and make it yourself.
    (MAKE UP) Alice wears a matte copper on her lids and under her eyes, mascara and pale foundation. (HINT) I would use liquid foundation or consealer for ALL the Cullens because this gives you even stone like skin.

    Rosalie: Rosalie’s necklace is imparative to capture the movie character. This character does not have a complex wardrobe.

    Wear a low cut sweet heart top (cami, long or three quarter it does not matter) in NAVY, BLACK, WHITE, OR SKY BLUE.Layer this with a nice structured crop jacket or suit jaket in one of the other colors not the color of your sweet heart top. Another look you can go for is a stylish grey sweater or suit jacket with a long with knit scarf with matching hat. Any dark wash jean will do with stylish high heels.

    – Start with liquid concealer in light tone and put on places of your skin that may show imperfections ( acne, pores, blackheads) that Cullens do not have. This gives an even color and surface to resemble the stone like skin of these vampires.

    -With darker color add shadows on cheek bones and other places to make your features more prominate.

    -Copper is a nice color to use for Alice and Rosalie’s eye shadow use it under the eyes and on the lids. Add a thick layer of mascara and a line of dark brown or black eye liner on your eyes.

    – Take a red lip liner and color your lips with it. You may use lipstick but remember the Cullens do not have moisture on their faces in the movie.

  13. alice is alsome says

    man real nice comment. im trying to look like alice. im already pale.god this is hard. oh and kathrine amelia caroline…… i am already like them just need choths so yea

  14. danielle says

    hi im danielle . People love to call me alice. i have her hair and her face. i love her. and jasper is hot! and so is emment! i love the Twilght saga! the movies could be better and Edward could be a lot hotter! i just need Alice clouths then i would be set!!…

  15. says

    i know every single word to the film, a read two books a day in order, watching the film daily scince it came out, i know all of the actors addresses, and i have 3 pairs of the contact lenses in different shades. I know everything there is to know, so i am one of (ONE OF) the biggest fans.

  16. Twilightgirl says

    i love twilight and jasper is so hot.
    i still don’t now how to do my alice cullen costume can you help me

  17. says


  18. GracenCullen says

    I was Alice for Halloween and it was really easy! My mom took me to the mall and at Charlotte Russe they had everything I needed to have the same outfit as Alice wore in Twilight the Cafeteria scene. (U know at the beginning when they first walked in?)
    I bought I white short sleeved top, black vest, skinny headbands, silver flats and white skinny jeans. They had it allll at Charlotte Russe! I then went to Halloween Express and bought the Buxxom Beauty wig, flipped the edges out and trimmed it a bit. I already owned the choker.
    Viola! Alice Cullen!!! I also saw a lot of different stuff in the mall that would work for a lot of the other characters. If you just take some time to roam around a bit, you can find everything you need! Hope this helped! 🙂

  19. says

    i hve 22 posters of twilight i am 10 and i love robert patison he is so hot i am still crushen on taylor he is a wet mut edwards a fanged hotie the wet mut is still ok i love him with long hair he is still so hot there is a a boy on my bus he looks like jacob he is sortof a hotie

  20. Aspen says

    Ok I relly want to dress as alice or bella im not shure about human bella or vampire bella. help me please