Twilight Trading Card: Single Packs

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Many of you have been shopping for the Twilight Premium Trading Cards but are not wanting to pay the price for the full boxed set. Good news! We’ve located the Twilight Trading Cards in individual packs for only $3.00 if you preorder them now! That is a great deal!

The cards will feature pictures of the characters in the movie, along with facts about the characters and the movie. According to TFAW, additional cards will contain the following: “In addition to in-depth character and movie story cards, look for the bonus cards including Autograph cards, Pieceworks Movie Memorabilia cards, the ‘Always’ 9-card puzzle set, the ‘Different’ 6-card insert set, and ‘In Pursuit’ 3-card insert set.”

Sounds like they will be fun both to collect and to trade. You can pre-order your Twilight Trading Card single packs at Things From Another World for a limited time.


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