New Twilight Edward Shirts from Hot Topic

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Hot Topic has added a couple of new Twilight Shirts featuring Edward. The first is a simple black shirt that has Edward’s quote from the book and the movie “What if I’m not the hero?” on the front and “What if I’m the bad guy?” on the back. If you’ve seen the movie previews, you know that he just makes you melt when he says that!

The second Edward shirt is also black but has a graphic. It’s called the “Twilight Edward Eyes Tee.” The front features only Edward’s eyes with the word “Twilight” over them. The back says “You are my life now.” Hot!!

Hot Topic seems to be adding new licensed Twilight shirts every week lately. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on them and let you know as I see more added. If you subscribe to my newsletter in the box over on the right sidebar, you’ll automatically be notified when I add anything.


  1. twilightaddiction625 says

    Edward is so hot!!!! i can’t believe they could ever run out of ways to put him on things that wouldn’t be hot! i wish it was all just Edward Edward Edward (daydreamy sigh)

  2. twilightaddiction625 says

    p.s for the above comment: i would/will buy everything that has Edward on it… Edward 4evr

  3. MarkL says

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    Any feedback would be appriciated.