Top Twilight Merchandise at Amazon

Twilight Fans! Find the best Twilight merchandise, collectibles, clothes, jewelry, and more. Disclosure: We make a commission off of some of the links.

Although most of our visitors are reporting that they are buying their Twilight shirts through Cafe Press, Zazzle, and Hot Topic, the majority of you are buying your Twilight merchandise at Amazon. You’ve been sending me a lot of feedback about what you are buying, and here is a quick list of the hottest Twilight merchandise purchases from Amazon:

1) Twilight Cullen Family Replica Jewelry. This is by far the most popular Twilight merchandise right now. We did a whole post on the Twilight Cullen Replica Jewelry, so check that out if you are interested. The most popular of the five items is Rosalie’s necklace.

2) Twilight Key Rings and Bag Clips. The price has gone up since we initially posted about the Twilight Keychain and Bag Clips, but they are still a pretty popular item. It’s likely because the price is reasonable and the merchandise is actually reasonable. Check out the Lion and Lamb and Cullen Crest key ring and bag clip post from last month.

3) Twilight Pin Set

We haven’t yet talked about the Twilight Pin set, but it is basically a series of buttons from the movie. The images are the same ones you are seeing on the posters and shirts. The price of the 4 button set starts at 9.99 and is eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping with a $25 total purchase.

4) Mrs. Cullen Twilight Vinyl Car Decal Sticker

This Twilight car decal is kind of cute and only $6.99. It’s available through the Amazon third party seller NS-FX.

5) Twilight Movie Poster Ultimate Fan Gift Set. This poster set just came out in the last couple of weeks and has been a huge hit. We’ve received emails from over 20 of you that you have ordered this in the last few days. Check out the entire Twilight Poster set post.

6) Twilight Soundtrack and Score. We’ve posted before about the Twilight Soundtrack but not the Twilight Score. We actually need to buy the Twilight Score ourselves and then will tell you more about it!

Most of this is available for Free Super Saver shipping (with the exception of third party items). This means that if you order $25 or more, you get free ground shipping. If you are hoping to make any of these Twilight items Christmas gifts, you have until December 17 to order using the free shipping.