Twilight Puzzles from Hot Topic

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Hot Topic has released two new Twilight Puzzles based on the Twilight Movie. Both are selling for $19.99 and are 1000 pieces each. They would make a great Christmas gift for a Twilight fan!

Twilight Edward and Bella Puzzle

Twilight Cast Puzzle

The images on the puzzles are the same that we have been seeing from the movie on a lot of other merchandise–the classic Pattinson and Stewart (Edward and Bella) shot as well as the vampire cast members with Pattinson and Steward. Hot Topic has some other new products as well that we want to highlight, but we will get to those tomorrow. For now, check out these Twilight puzzles before they sell out.


  1. Kerin says

    Can you get yhem any where else besides Hot Topic?
    I’ve been looking at all the Hot Topics and their all out of stock.

  2. Stefanie says

    I got the puzzle around thanksgiving, and i finally just finished it. It was extremely hard, since all the pieces are dark and look the same lol. Only bad part, I’m missing a piece! I am so mad, after all tht time of hard work, ahhh! ok so i might be overreacting a lil bit, but once u work on your puzzle for months and realize a piece is missing, u will c lol

  3. monica kay says

    okay i love twilight and love puzzles i want both of them.
    and wow i am really good if i can put a 1ooo piece together in about 5 hours and a 500 piece in 2.
    puzzles are my life.
    and i have to get both of these puzzles:))

  4. isabelle says


    I would like to buy the puzzle of edward and bella.
    Can you help me ?
    Where can I buy it ?
    Thank you for your answer.