Twilight Shirts On Sale at Zazzle

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Zazzle is one of our favorite places to buy Twilight shirts because you can customize them in so many ways. One of my favorite shirts (my “Do I Dazzle You” shirt) was actually made there. I also got my “Isle Esme” shirt with the pictures of the little feathers there.

If you shop Zazzle between now and January 19 and use the code ZTSHIRTS2009, you can take 20.09% off of all of their shirts. That is a bargain!! I had been wanting to order a couple more Twilight shirts anyway. I stopped by Hot Topic at the mall today to look at theirs, but they are the same thing that everyone else is wearing. At Zazzle, I can make a shirt that I am reasonably certain no one else around me will be wearing.

So check out the Twilight shirts at Zazzle before January 19 and save yourself 20.09%! (While you are there, you might want to start picking up some New Moon themed shirts as well before everyone else starts wearing them!)