Twilight Pajamas at Hot Topic

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Just to show that you can, indeed, get almost anything with “Twilight” printed on it, Hot Topic is now selling Twilight Pajamas. You can get two different sets, which are both a tank top and long pants.

The Twilight Edward Tank and PJ Set feature Edward on the shirt and “Twilight” on the leg.

Twilight Edward Tank And Pants PJ Set

The Twilight Cullen Crest Tank and Pants PJ Set has the Cullen Crest on the front of the shirt and “Team Cullen” on the back of the shirt as well as the pants.

Twilight Cullen Crest Tank And Pants PJ Set

Each set will currently run you $39.99.


  1. breezy says

    and i dont thank she is edwards no1 fan because i am well robert thomas pattinson’s and i am in LOVE with those pajama

  2. says

    OMGGGGGGG ! okkaay so robert pattinson is my husband, :] ! i love him sooo muuchhh ! he’s my liiifee ! he’s like the onlyyy thingg i care aboutt besides familyy&friends! we have the same birthdayyy month, yeah be jelousss ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ROBB BABYY FOR EVERR & EVERR & ALWAYS <33333 :] :] :]

  3. says

    okay so i dont like robert pattnison all that much, but i love the twilight books, so much that i got edwards script tattooed onto my wrist 🙂

  4. sandy says

    please can somebody help me, i’m trying to buy twilight Edward Cullen pys for adults and i’m finding it really hard CAN ANYONE HELP please ontact me on the above address, thanks