Bella’s Shoes from Twilight

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Looking for the perfect shoes to dress up as Bella for Halloween, a Twilight party, or the New Moon premiere? Here are a couple of options.

For the prom scene, Bella is seen wearing a pair of Converse sneakers with her dress.

You can get a pair of similar shoes for less than $40 at

Converse All Star Lo Casual Shoes Mens

You can also check out for their entire collection.

Another pair of Bella’s shoes from Twilight are the Simple Retire shoes. You can get them in several colors, but she wears them in black. You can just barely make them out in this picture:

You can get these shoes at


  1. kireen says

    wow thats really cool!…twilight has everything!
    they are really awesome!….yup this is another twilight fan! bty kristen, rob and taylor you guys so owned that movie. i sure hope you guys make the movie midnight sun too. man i wish i could get those shoes right now but i can’t right now…well all those people who love twilight you guys soo rock!

  2. camilla says

    Where can I buy that green blouse Bella is wearing when she visits Edwards family for the first time in Twilight?
    Regards Camilla

  3. says

    OMG that is so cool twilight is the best book in my life. i think to finish my wordrobe i need a pair of twlight shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where can i get them