Get Bella’s Jacket from New Moon

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We’ve already written about where you can get Bella’s jacket from Twilight, but it looks like you can now get her jacket from New Moon as well! Here are a couple of pictures from on set:

You can get Bella’s look with this Billabong Hannah Jacket available from and select surfing sites:

Billabong Jackets - Womens - Hannah Jacket
The jacket just became available for sale again and is about $60. This is MUCH lower than the hundreds of dollars that it was going for on ebay. It would be perfect for a New Moon premier party or as part of a Bella costume.


  1. Kathy says

    does anybody knows the brand of Bella’s jacket in New Moon?? the yellow one she wears in the forest, when Edward dissapears ?!


  2. Bella grace says

    Whats the sweater under the billabong jacket in the picture?
    Thanks, And by the way…