Twilight New Moon Skins for All Devices

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Although Hot Topic recently released a few Twilight Saga New Moon skins, the site itself has released MANY more! These are licensed and have a great variety. In addition to the basic Edward, Bella, and Jacob they also have everything from Alice to the Cullen Crest to the Volturi.

What kind of devices can you get the skins for? When you visit the site (after you have chosen an image), click on “Choose a Device.” They then list categories including laptops, phones, gaming devices, and PDAs. They even list more obscure devices like calculators, camcorders, and printers.

Once you have chosen an image and a device, it will tell you how much the skin will cost. The example I pulled up was Jacob and Bella for my Flip Video UltraHD. The price would be $14.95.

Twilight Skins are a great way to customize any device that you have and show your Twilight love. If you are buying any of the above devices for a Twilight fan, adding a skin to customize it would make an even better gift! Visit to see all of the New Moon skins.