Twilight Reimagined (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Twilight Reimagined

Big news this morning from Stephenie Meyer on the Today Show. We found out that included in the 400 page bonus content in the Twilight Special Tenth Anniversary Edition is a new Twilight novel rewritten with the genders reversed. The main characters become Beau, Edythe, and Julie.

Meyer explained that she didn’t like the fact that many people saw Bella as a “damsel in distress” and that she hoped that the new version would help to see her as just a “person” in distress.

Meyer also addressed questions about whether characters like Katniss and Tris would exist if not for Twilight. Meyer doesn’t take credit for the whole genre and said that she believes those stories would have still been told even without Twilight.

Will you read the new Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined? Does the 10th anniversary inspire you to read the whole series again? Do you wish instead of reversing the roles that Meyer would have stuck with writing the whole novel from Edward’s perspective?

The new version is available at Amazon both in card copy and Kindle. The price is very close (only 54 cents more for the Hardcover) so if you can wait the few days to get it, it might be worth waiting!



  1. Barb says

    I bought it, had no idea about the new part just that it had bonus material. I’ll read it but I would rather have it all from epov.

  2. Tracy Liegman says

    Edwards perspective. We heard bellas and Jacobs. Why didn’t you give background on Emmett. He had a life before.

  3. Kelly says

    I would have rather read Midnight Sun (Edwards perspective). I’ll probably read this, but I’m still hoping for the other one, too!
    Thanks Stephanie Meyer! 🙂

  4. Nightowllady32 says

    I would love to read Edward’s prospective. Have ut written from Twilight all the way through to Breaking Dawn.