Twilight Character Figures by TONNER (Edward and Bella)

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Everyone has been waiting for what have been dubbed the “Twilight Dolls” to appear on shelves. Bad news. It’s going to be Spring before you can get them. The good news is that TONNER has now unveiled the images of the Edward and Bella Character Figures. Here’s a shot of both Edward and Bella together:

The new Twilight figures are modeled after Bella and Edward as depicted in the movie and are officially licensed by Summit. They stand 15″ and 17″ tall. Unfortunately, there are no prices on them yet. I’ll keep an eye on the TONNER site and report back as soon as I see that they are available for purchase.


  1. Amilee and Mikaela says

    Twilight is the bestest im so getting this when it comes out, even better im going to get it right now !

  2. says

    OMG i am a big fan of twilight cant wait for the movie breakin dawn i read the book.It is the best one of all 4 of them