Where Can I Buy Twilight Perfume?

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We’ve been having a lot of requests lately for the official Twilight Perfume. From what we can tell, Borders is selling this new perfume in an apple bottle, and it is officially licensed. However, the Borders website says that it will be available “mid December” and it is not available on their site yet. Local Borders did get some in stock but they sold out immediately.

The box says that the perfume is Lavender and Freesia scented. The bottle says “The Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest” on it.

If your Borders does not have it in stock, you can purchase the Twilight Perfume on eBay. Some of the sellers say that it is a pre-order item while others say that it will ship within two days. You will need to check the details of each individual listing. One thing is for sure. If the Twilight Perfume is like all of the other limited edition Twilight items at Borders, you will not be able to get it for long.

Edited: Hot Topic is now selling the Twilight Perfume for $48.00, but you are limited to one bottle per customer. Click here to see the Twilight Perfume at Hot Topic.


  1. says

    hi ppl the perfume is wonderful. i hear that theyre gonna stop selling it around febuary though. just being helpful, they sell it at hot topic and some very rare antique stores they sell alot of out-of-stock-collectibles. did i help at all? idk enjoy the perfume fella twilighters

  2. Mrs. Cullen says

    Is this perfume only available in America?
    Because I want some SO bad.
    And i can’t buy it from Hot Topic,, Because they don’t ship to the UK.

  3. JaspersAlice! says

    I bought it the other day I am on Hottopics call list thanks to be a frequent shopper and they called me as soon as they found out the arrival date and kept one off the shelf for a couple hours til I could get there and it smells FANTASTIC! Even if it wasn’t in a cute little apple bottle and branded by Twilight I would wear it!!!

  4. Emma-Leigh says

    Hot Topic DO ship to the UK as they have a UK website now with the same stock as the US one, my mum got me three things off Hot Topic for Crimbo and I live in the UK.

  5. olivia says

    they have it at hottopic.com
    and its 48 dollars. i have it and smells so good! if u dont like strong floral scents dont buy it though. it does smell like lavender and freesia. its a really pretty bottle too!

  6. cheerleader13 says

    i think it’s pretty cool that they made a perfume, but shouldn’t it smell like apple? Duh! Some times I think that people are so focused on making money they forget to use common sense. And 48 dollars? Come on!! Even though I’m a twihard fan, I wouldn’t buy that stuff for 48 dollars. Well, now that you know how i feel, I’m going to get off before I get some nasty comments back. TTYL!

  7. hayley says

    omg the perfume smells horrid its at hot topic and they didnt have samples so i just bought it and it smells like cat litter. but thats my opinion. its supposed to smell like lavender and freesia. but the case is very pretty

  8. says

    this is way cool twilight perfume…but really, from what ive read its like $48!!! who would spend a boat load of dough to buy something that probably you cant find anywhere and smells bad? which it probably does…doesnt nina ricci sell something that looks like the bottle? IDK

  9. Aly says

    do they sell this in australia borders stores? or only in america?
    i tryed hot topics to buy it but they dont ship out to Australia.

  10. Jessica says

    c`mon people.
    $48 is SO cheap!
    Theres perfumes out there for like, $90-$150 and theyre not as well known as Twilight!
    Personally I would have expected it to be around $90!
    And it only smells like Lavender & Freesia because thats how Bella is described as smelling.
    I can understand that youd want it to smell like apple but apples have very little to do with the actual book as apposed to Lavender & Freesia.
    Its only the cover and its not really mentioned very much in the actual book itself which is what the perfume is, and should be, targeted at.
    Love it or hate it its your decision but the nasty comments truly aren’t necessary.
    Everyone is different therfore everyone is going to think different things of the fragrance.
    I for one am completely sucked in & want the perfume NOW!

  11. madi says

    me and my sister are completly in love with twilight.. we just moved to australia from america… but we just missed out on the perfume and we are dying to get it.. and america doesnt ship over here.. i have looked every where but i cant find any where here that sells it.. can anyone help me out..
    message me..
    please and thank u..

  12. Kel says

    on the box, “the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetness” is spelled wrong! they spelled fruit like FRIUT.

    duno if anyone has seen this yet, but other than that i love the perfume!

  13. simone says

    i dont know why anyone is complaining because i live in australia and i can only get it on ebay and its $180 dollars so any one in australia who wants it go to ebay more expensive but if you want it that bad its the only place i could find 🙂

  14. Bella Swan says

    whats the cheapest price for the twilight perfume >_< Bella (the real twilight Isabella Swan)

  15. Mrs.Edward Cullen says

    i already went to the hottopic site and they dont have the perfume!!! i migh go to hottopic this thursday and if they dont have it there i will get it at borders or on ebay but i think the bottle is really pretty && its really cheap too. i personally love twilight and im a big fan so i dont care how much money i spend on the stuff =]

  16. Awesome says

    My friend got this, and I smelled it and I think it smelled GREAT. idk lots of people said they think it smells gross. maybe her bottle was special xD

  17. Elaine says

    Hi, I have searched the internet for this and I can only find it on Ebay for really outragous prices or on Amazon.com for $105 but they won’t ship it to the UK, there are some sort of warranty restrictions in place that mean it can’t be shipped outside the States. And as for Hottopic.com they don’t have it at all and even if they did they probaly wouldn’t ship it to the UK!! So us Twilighters in the UK have to suffer yet again coz we can’t get anything like what is available in the States!! :’-(